Who and what is FYX?  What does it stand for? 
FYX is a new ISP for New Zealand consumers that offers fantastic pricing. FYX has a “pay per GB” pricing model whereby you only pay for the amount of data that you use in a month rather than for a whole cap regardless of what you use.

What sort of Broadband does FYX provide? 
Our connections are all ADSL or ADSL2+ connections (depending on what is available or your location) and are maximum upload and maximum download. Speeds will depend on the quality of your copper lines and distance from the cabinet or exchange.

What is the price? 
With FYX, you don't pay for a "plan" with datacaps like most ISP's. You pay a fixed monthly connection fee (charged in advance) and then a per GB fee (charged in arrears). Here's the pricing ...
Connection: $49.94 per month + $0.23 cents per GB of data that you use.
If you use a partial GB, you will only pay for the portion of the GB you use.  

How can I pay? 
Currently we only accept Credit Card payments. You need to either put this into the website when you signup online, or give your credit card details to us if you signup over the phone.

You will be invoiced on the 10th of each month and your credit card will be charged on the following day.  If the transaction is not successful we will keep trying for three days. If your credit card gets declined consistently for these three days, your service may get suspended. We'll email you about this in time, and work with you to get payment issues resolved. 

Are there any accounts with Data Caps or Unlimited Data? 
Not with the FYX service. You’ll only pay for what you use. We do not currently have an unlimited service.

Is there any contract term length I’m signing up for? 
No, we do not lock you into any term contracts. You are free to leave at any time.

Can I use FYX for my Business Internet Connection? 

FYX is specifically designed for residential use.  We would recommend selecting a business-grade, business focused ISP to take care of your business.   

I have a phone bundled with my broadband from a different provider. Can I use FYX? 
This depends on your provider and location. Most major New Zealand ISPs now have their own networks separate from Telecom in certain regions. This can make transferring to Fyx more complicated. If you aren’t sure, it’s generally best to call your current provider first and confirm how your service with them is set up.

How will I know my usage? 
You can log into your account on the www.FYX.co.nz website anytime to find out how much data you've used. Remember though, this information may not have taken into account the data you've used in the previous 30 minutes or so. 

What are your ADSL settings? 
Login: username@fyx.co.nz
PPP Settings: PPP over ATM (PPPoA)
Framing: VCMUX
VPI: 0
VCI: 100
Authentication: PAP
Primary DNS:
Secondary DNS:

Do I need to do anything special to set FYX up? 
Apart from switching to use us as your ISP, no.
However, if your modem is configured with static DNS addresses, you may need to switch them to ours.

These addresses are: &

Can I turn interleaving on or off? 
Yes, you can do this by logging into the website and making the change there.

Can I have a static IP Address? 
Unfortunately static IP addresses on this service are not available at this time.

Does Fyx shape traffic in anyway? 
No - there is no shaping on our network.